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City of Oakland Honors Dr. Kerry Spooner Dean

On September 17, 1998 at a fundraising event for Kerry’s Kids at the Berkeley Marina Radisson, city of Oakland council member, Jane Brunner, delivered the following proclamation from Mayor Elihu M. Harris declaring September 17, 1998 Dr. Kerry Spooner Dean Day.


Whereas, the late Dr. Kerry Spooner Dean, a pediatrician in residence at Children's Hospital in Oakland, had a dream and a vision of helping children and families who were homeless to access health care services in the community; and

Whereas, Dr. Kerry Spooner Dean understood that in order to provide adequate health care, health screening, immunizations and health care to homeless children, it was essential that these medical services be brought directly to these children where they lived; and

Whereas, Dr. Kerry Spooner Dean worked with the City of Oakland Mayor's Hunger and Homelessness Relief Program to organize her fellow pediatric physicians and nurses from the Pediatric Residency Program at Children's Hospital in Oakland into a volunteer health provider team; and

Whereas, the City of Oakland Head Start Program provides a suitably equipped mobile health van, which was staffed by Dr. Kerry Spooner Dean and her colleagues;

Whereas, this mobile health clinic is used to serve homeless children and Head Start children at homeless shelters as well as Head Start sites in Oakland; and

Whereas, after Dr. Kerry Spooner Dean's tragic death in 1998, the Dr. Kerry Spooner Dean Foundation was established, to continue Doctor Spooner Dean's work among homeless children and Head Start Children; and

Whereas, the City of Oakland wholeheartedly supports, and continues to collaborate with the Medical Staff of CHO to provide medical services to this special population; and

Whereas, the Dr. Kerry Spooner Dean Fund needs public support to continue her vision and life dream of providing medical services for homeless children and Head Start children; and

Whereas, I join the participants and organizations in supporting the continuation of this invaluable program and foundation; now

Therefore, I, Elihu M. Harris, Mayor of the City of Oakland, do hereby proclaim September 17, 1998

Dr. Kerry Spooner Dean Day

In the City of Oakland, and encourage participation by all of its citizens.

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